A good audio system is not defined by the tunes it plays. Amps, speakers, subwoofers, Sirius and XM Satellite radio, hands-free Bluetooth sets - all are vital components in your car's audio system. Check it out.


Amps, Speakers, & Subwoofers
Muntz Audio Video takes high definition audio to the next level. It starts with good brands. Quality amps and speakers from Rockford and Alpine. Booming Atrend subwoofer boxes that shake it! Crank out rhythms with a JVC stereo system; or take a wild trip with the Renegade product line. Consult one of the experts at Muntz Audio for optimal audio results.

SiriusXM Satellite Radio
The wonders of modern technology are best realized when listening to satellite radio. Using the best providers (SiriusXM), Muntz Audio Video gives an extra kick of enjoyment to your driving experience. Ask about the best subscription plan for you.

Audio Accessories
Your car, truck, or even boat's audio is more than just stereos, radios, and amps. When you're using a mobile phone, stay safe! Purchase a Parrot bluetooth technology, hands-free kit set. It lets you stay connected while staying alert and keeping your hands on the wheel. The experienced guys at Muntz Audio Video can help you out - they were named the 2011 Installer of the Year from Parrot!